Dinner Menu


・Fresh-caught fish ¥2,700

・Uzusio ¥7,560

・Tairyo ¥9,720

・Chef's choices ¥14,040

Fried dishes

Fried shiitake mushrooms stuffed with shrimp ¥1,260

Fried fresh octopus ¥1,296

Tuna and Cheese Fried Cutlet ¥1,080

Tempura assortment ¥2,700

Fried salmon roe and yamaimo wrapped in nori seaweed ¥1,404

Tatsuta-style fried chicken ¥1,404(Half size ¥810)

Fried fish bones ¥864

・Vegetable tempura ¥1,512(Half size ¥864)

Simmered dishes

Steamed egg custard ¥864

Seasonal assortment of braised vegetables ¥972

Braised pork belly ¥1,296

Steamed sea bream head ¥1,620

Red Sea Bream Heads Boiled in Soy Sauce ¥1,620

Braised broadbanded thornyhead ¥4,104

Wagyu cuisine

Stone-grilled Wagyu Beef sirloin ¥3,456

Wagyu Roast Beef ¥1,944

Wagyu Tendon Stew ¥1,080

Wagyu Stewed with Ginger ¥1,620

Soft-shelled turtle cuisin

Fried Soft-Shelled Turtle ¥3,240

Soft-Shelled Turtle Mini Hotpot ¥3,240

Vinegared dishes and other delicacies

Seafood shumai dumplings ¥540

Homemade shiokara(fermented squid) ¥702

Pickled vegetables ¥756

Tamagoyaki(rolled omelet) ¥756

Avocado miso pickles ¥864

3-dish set of broiled delicacies ¥1,296

Whale bacon ¥2,160

Vinegared mozuku seaweed ¥540
Homemade kanimiso (crab offal) ¥972


Handmade 90% buckwheat soba noodles ¥972

Tempura set ¥2,160
(Shrimp, conger eel, pumpkin, eggplant, shiitake mushrooms, and green chili peppers)

Ochazuke〔Sea bream〕 ¥1,620

Ochazuke〔Pollock roe〕 ¥864

Ochazuke〔Salmon〕 ¥864

Seafood rice bowl ¥2,484

Stone-baked sea bream with sesame sauce and rice flavored with tea and dashi stock ¥1,620

・Ochazuke:〔Pickled plum〕 ¥756
・Rice porridge:〔Vegetable〕 ¥864 
・Rice porridge:〔Chicken〕 ¥972
・Rice set(rice, miso soup, and pickled vegetables) ¥540
・Seafood soup ¥540
・Miso soup ¥324


Monthly special Japanese sweets set
(includes matcha) ¥864

・Ice cream (vanilla / matcha) ¥648